Silamol® is the only plant-available form of Silicon, offering real crop protection through nutrition.


Fertilization with bioavailable silicon (silicic acid) decreases negative impact of stress conditions like heat, drought, salinity, pests, and diseases on quality and yield.

Silamol® Benefits

Importance of bioavailable silicon supplementation to agricultural crops

Silamol® contains a high concentration of stabilized silicic acid. Silicic acid is the only plant available form of silicon. Once assimilated by plants, silicic acid is transported through the xylem to the cells of stems, foliage, and fruits. Then it is stored in cell membranes, creating a mechanical barrier strengthening cell walls and increasing crop’s natural defense mechanisms.

Silicic acid also has a measurable affect on nutrient uptake and utilization so many crops see increased Brix, nutritional value, and overall improved health.

Silicon reduces stress and improves plant growth in 3 unique ways:

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