Silamol® Benefits

Importance of bioavailable silicon supplementation to agricultural crops

Silamol® contains a high concentration of stabilized silicic acid. Silicic acid is the only plant available form of silicon. Once assimilated by plants, silicic acid is transported through the xylem to the cells of stems, foliage, and fruits. Then it is stored in cell membranes, creating a mechanical barrier strengthening cell walls and increasing crop’s natural defense mechanisms.

Silicic acid also has a measurable affect on nutrient uptake and utilization so many crops see increased Brix, nutritional value, and overall improved health.

Silicon reduces stress and improves plant growth in 3 unique ways:

1. Silicon acts as a physical/mechanical barrier in cell walls

2. Silicon acts as a modulator of metabolic defense reactions to stress situations

3. Silicon improves absorption of micro nutrients in plants

Silicon is a real plant strengthener by providing a natural way of protection. Crops are often exposed to stresses and silicon’s benefits are most obvious during stress conditions. The impact of silicon on yield and quality of commercially grown crops is impressive. Since crops can now protect themselves against adverse stress conditions, as an added advantage less chemical crop protection products may be used.

Silamol® contributes to sustainable agricultural practices, including preserved production and quality levels while potentially lowering overall fertilizer inputs.

SILAMOL technology

The core of the Silamol® formulation is 100% biologically available soluble form of silicon called ‘silicic acid’. The beneficial effects of silicic acid have long been studied and documented in scientific literature. However, the unstable characteristics of silicic acid have made it practically difficult to apply in agriculture. Scientists have only very recently found a way to stabilize the highly unstable silicic acid. All SILAMOL formulations contain this stabilized bio-available silicic acid.

SILAMOL characteristics

  • Consists of bio-available silicon (Si) plus key micro-elements
  • Unique synergy between silicon and molybdenum (Mo), which enhances nitrogen utilization
  • Applicable through the root system (drip irrigation) and the leaves (foliar spray)
  • Compatible with fertilizers and crop protection products
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic, approved for biological/organic growing in Europe
  • Applicable on all kinds of crops and all types of growing systems