Silamol effect on crops

Adding Silamol® to your Fertilization program helps decrease the negative impact of Abiotic and Biotic Stress to your Plants. Silamol® contains a high concentration of Stabilized Mono Silicic Acid. Once Silamol® is assimilated by plants it is transported through the Xylem to the cells of the stems, foliage, and Fruit. Then it is stored in the cell membranes creating a mechanical barrier, strengthening cell walls and increasing the Plant’s natural defense mechanisms. Silamol® also enhances the uptake of Calcium and improves the utilization of your nutrients so many crops increase Brix, nutrition value, and overall improved Health.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the effect of Silamol® on kohlrabi:

For detailed information about the effect of Silamol® on a variety of crops, download the full report:

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